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Pashupati Cotton Industries – Excellence Personified

Pashupati Group's first firm step towards success was its flagship company, Pashupati Cotton Industries, which was established in 1996. The success of this company prompted its rapid growth and diversification.

  • Pashupati Cotton Industries is engaged in manufacturing of Cotton Bales, Cotton Seed Cakes, Oil, and Delinted Cotton Seeds & Cotton Lint.
  • Design, infrastructure & production practices of this unit are approved by TMC (Govt. of India)
  • With an annual turnover of Rs. 450 Cr. (75 million USD), Pashupati Cotton Industries is fast emerging as the CZAR of the Cotton World.
Seed Cotton
Cotton Bales
Cotton Seeds
Cotton Seed Cake
Cotton Linter Bales
  • Fully automatic Ginning Plant with production capacity of 1,00,000 cotton bales (16,500 MT) per annum with 48 Double Roller Gins.
  • Varieties we process Shankar-6, BCI, Organic, Fair Trade Cotton
  • Production capacity of 5,00,000 bags (25,000 MT) of cotton seed cakes per annum
  • Fully automatic oil mill plant with capacity of 16 expellers
  • Production capacity of 6,00,000 bags (30,000 MT) of Delinted cotton seed & 16,000 cotton lint bales (2700 MT) of 1st & 2nd cut mix per annum
  • Fully automatic 6 Delinting machines with 200 saw cylinders each
Future Plan

The group has concrete plans to venture into dehulling of cotton seeds, oil milling and solvent extraction for recovery of oil. Such processes provide DOC with high protein value.

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