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"Pashupati Group" located at Kadi is a multi faced professionally managed group of companies that started its journey with cotton ginning & milling industries. The group helps numerous farmers at grassroots level to produce cotton with quality and quantity as benchmarks.

Pashupati Group has already ventured into Delinting of cotton seeds. This is a process to remove tiny fibres (lints) from cotton seeds. The group has concrete plans to further venture into the processes of dehulling of cotton seeds, oil milling and Solvent Extraction for recovery of oil. Such processes provide DOC with high protein value.

Having created landmarks in the sector, in India, the visionaries behind 'Raja & Pashupati' Group decided to go global and floated an export house on the cornerstones of internationally accepted quality and services. The export house is engaged in exporting cotton bales, cotton yarn & cotton linter bales, world wide.

This business took mega leaps and got perched at an enviable position. The group's forward integration led to the setting up of spinning industry that facilitated manufacturing of cotton yarn. The group's future plan is to move forward and to develop a weaving unit.


India is primarily an agrarian economy with potential galore in this sector. A few farsighted decisions can positively impact the prospects of multitude of farmers and this is what they think tanks of the Pashupati Group wanted to target. They therefore involved themselves in green house farming and soon took the next big leap by initiating export of agricultural products. Thousands of farmers got a global platform, better exposure and competitive price for their produce.

The export base of agricultural products got strengthened with the setting up of a state-of-the-art, ultra modern warehouse with huge storage space of 1.5 lakh sq. feet (40,000 MT capacities) equipped with all modern amenities and technologies.

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